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Got a Hanging Wedgie at School So I've gotten wedgies before, but usually from friends, and not from someone actually trying to hurt me. I've also never been hung from anything before, which I didn't actually think was possible, I had only ever seen it on tv shows or movies before, and just assumed the underwear would rip in real life.

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Earlier this week as I was walking to the library after school, I was confronted by someone who I share a few classes with, and who's usually an asshole to me for no particular reason. He and a few of his friends came up to me and started talking shit and making fun of me.

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I tried to ignore him and keep walking, but he wouldn't let me. Eventually someone brought up giving me a wedgie and he thought the idea was funny and went through with it, again pulling much harder than any of my friends ever had. The only thing close to an explanation I got was him saying "This is what you get for wearing tighty whities. He lifted me up and carried me to the iron bar fence along the path, hooking the leg holes of my briefs around the bars on top so that I was hanging from the fence. I couldn't touch the ground and there was nowhere on the fence I could get any leverage to push myself up.

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I expected my underwear to rip, but it was either too strong or I wasn't heavy enough to break it, so I was just stuck there while he and his friends laughed at me. Eventually they walked away, but they didn't let me down and I couldn't get myself down. Thank god this wasn't in a very public area where a ton of people could see, but it was one of the paths that the cross country team runs through.

After five or ten minutes I saw a large group of people in shorts and t-shirts jogging down the path and knew they were going to run past me eventually. I just put my face in my hands because I didn't want to look at any of them but I could hear them laughing as they ran by. Thankfully, one of them offered to help me down and I was able to walk the rest of the way to the library. I'm pissed that a bunch of people saw, but I'm glad they at least got me down instead of leaving me up there.

Wedgie stories school guess it could have been worse if no one passed by and I had to hang up there even longer, but it's still a humiliating situation. Has anyone else ever experienced anything remotely like this? Or is this a new circle of embarrassment hell? Also does high school get any better? Or is it going to be just as shitty?

Response to Got a Hanging Wedgie at School No, I can't say I've ever gotten hung up on a fence by my underwear, but I did get the shit bullied out of me to no end. One time everyone in my grade pelted me with sports balls until I cried these weren't your regulation foam dodgeballs either, I'm talking basketballs, soccer balls, I think one little cunt threw a baseball too. They take it as a of weakness, "This guy's a total pussy, we can fuck with him all we want! I can't say it gets better, it didn't for me at least.

Maybe it'll work out different for you but for me, it got worse with every year. My advice, find some good friends that'll have your back and won't leave you hanging on a fence, and don't be afraid to belt a fucker in the mouth if he tries to fuck with you, ya might leave with a couple bruises and maybe a suspension, but once you become the kid that fights back these guys suddenly lose interest in you, that's because they're giant pussies.

Unless it's the crazy kid with a prison record and a crack addiction, don't fight him, just Wedgie stories school as much distance between yourself and that psycho as possible until he gets himself expelled. Again, I know from personal experience. Kids tried to bully me in middle school. At best, they could only get me to laugh at them. Worst, I'd beat the shit out of them for fucking with me. I always chose the first option, because if there's one person at whose expense I'll crack any joke, it's myself. It's better to die together than to live alone. Thats why u gotta keep the iron on u my g.

But honestly tody widyes strangle ya nuts so id try some boxers. Also do some Wedgie stories school get a little big, tell dudes to fuck off, dont play any games no what i mean. Take no harm do no shit. Ouch man, I always thought wedgies were more of a cartoon thing, I'm sorry things aren't going too well for you. Stand your ground, keep in command and things will get better for you and your school life, dominate that shit with an iron will.

Response to Got a Hanging Wedgie at School edited Fight people for even saying the wrong thing. Even if you'll lose the fight. It doesn't matter. People knowing that there will be consequences for fucking with you will make them think twice before doing so. Worked for me. If you really don't want to lose any fights, ride a bike to school and get a big-ass U-lock for it. That way you can beat the shit out of your enemies with the lock.

Just remember to be angry as fuck when you do. Start exercising, start practicing some self-defense, or boxing, or something. Ignoring bullies is a problem itself. Though, you should probably still do it until you're capable of defending yourself. Be strong. IMHO, bullying scenarios like this say more about the victimizer than the victim. Their intention is to make you question and perhaps even blame yourself and your own actions.

You did nothing wrong.

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These bullies were just assholes. I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart. Self deprecation has lots of chances for humorous release, just know when to reel it in. Also, high school fucking sucked. Anyone who says it was the "best years of their life" is like a teenage mom, a prom queen who's now washed up on heroin, or working for minimum wage in the same Podunk town they were born in. You gotta fight.

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There is no other option, if people see they can just fuck with you with no repercussions, they will. Bite, scratch, kick, do what ever you can to make them hurt. Aim for the eyes. Aim for the nuts. I had huge "anger issues" at school, who'd have guessed, because I would not stand for being bullied. Cryin in rage is better then crying in pain baybee.

One of my colleagues straight up told me I'll be a good teacher because I'm not above laughing at myself. Member since: Oct. Member Level 01 Blank Slate. Didn't feel like posting this on my main, but wanted to share regardless. Member since: Jun. Member Level 10 Programmer. Member since: Sep. Member Level 22 Artist. RedSnake's the name, out of character and gae is the game. Member since: Aug. Supporter Level 12 Musician.

Wedgie stories school

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