Werecat transformation story

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Beneath the gray, flat clouds the sky was the color of curdled milk.

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Rain fell in drizzling slanted waves as lightning flashed soundlessly far into the distance. Mary walked with her younger sister, a bucket in each hand while Faith struggled with just one. Her white dress, embroidered with green flowers was caked in mud. She shook her head to settle her twin braids behind her. Her own dress, handed down from her mother and patched several times over was nearly as filthy. A young woman wanders into the rainforest and is attacked.

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She finds herself changing under the light of the moon. The sharp, high calls of coquis and thousands of other hidden nocturnal creatures began to fill the air as the sun slipped lower in the sky. Darkness fell quickly in the rainforest, the trees blocking what little light remained of the red and pink and orange sunset. The sound of laughing tourists ed the small animals calling for their mates as locals moved silently around a large clearing, re-lighting special torches used to keep mosquitos and other biting insects away.

And so, I did. Please note that this is my own interpretation and, most likely, Solone had an entirely different idea for what was going on. This is a tribute piece for him : I highly recommend you check out his stuff! I wish that I had wolf feet. And I can tell you why.

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I could race through forests in wolf feet. Without a soul nearby to spy. I think it would be very good to feel my bare toes change.

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Black claws slicing through tennis shoes until wearing any clothes felt strange. This is from a commission that I failed to complete on time. Not just failed but spectacularly failed. Her jaw cracked, mouth opening wide before she lowered her arms, twisting each t. Gods are fickle things. Fickle and numerous and given to flights of fancy.

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Or, sometimes, fits of jealousy. And then, rarely, a god will take interest in our world long enough to assert his or her or its influence on events. Demons fear when a god looks askance at their doings and humans are frail things in comparison. Amanda walked along the small path, feeling the small rocks crunch under her shoes.

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Huge dark clouds sprawled lazily across the night sky. The moon was huge — silvery and fat. Brian walked beside her, not close enough for her liking. This was their third date and he still believed he was being a gentleman by keeping his distance. I swear. A young woman brings a curse upon herself. Frail and pliable things.

Werecat transformation story

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