Werewolf knotting stories

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. The night was much brighter now as the wolf stood on all fours. He thought it would be weird to walk on four legs but it turned out to be liberating instead. He flexed his muscles and felt the sinewy muscles align, giving him a sense of unlimited power. A blast of scents assaulted his nostrils and seeped into his mind, catag everything in a split second. He knew that there were two squirrels fighting on top of a branch above him, knew that there was a burrow thirty feet to his left and the occupants of said burrow just left.

The wolf giddily went to chase it. He wished he could have done it a long time ago. The run gave him a sense of freedom and wild adventure. Something that was lacking in Werewolf knotting stories life. The life without the wolf. He caught the scent of another wayward rabbit, so he banked left and ran faster, determined to catch the furry animal. Then he got another whiff of scent that sent his head swirling and his knees buckling; made him almost ran through a tree due to the strength of the aroma that managed to cloud his vision.

The wolf grunted and shook his head a couple of times trying to get rid of the haze, or at least regain his upper brain function so that he could follow it to the source of the scent.

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The wolf howled to the moon before dashing through the woods chasing that luscious scent of a fertile, ripe for the taking. The wolf was on a mission. He let his nose lead him to where the delicious scent came from. His brain hazily remembered smelling this delightful scent before and he definitely recognized the cabin in front of him.

This was where his pack mate lived but the welfare and whereabouts of this pack mate was far from his mind that night. Not when there Werewolf knotting stories this lovely scent coming from inside this particular cabin. He sniffed around the front porch and ran around to the side of the building, to where the scent smelled strongest. He howled his frustration to the night air before running around the cabin looking for a way in.

A breathless moan was heard through the wall, a pleading call from a fertile wolf that was suffering its heat. The wolf barked out loud, answering the call of his soon to be mate. There were windows on this cabin but all of them were boarded with unyielding iron bars and the only door at the front was locked.

Then, he rounded the rear of the cabin and found a round glass window wide enough for him near the rooftop. It would take a higher jump to reach it but the wolf, aroused and horny, was determined to get through the window and get to the delectable fertile inside no matter what.

He backed away several paces and turned around to judge the height of the window from a distance. Grunting, he turned back around and trotted a few paces more, going past the line of trees that surrounded the cabin. When he decided that he had enough distance for the run-up, he kicked off the ground in a sprint, forcing his legs to jump higher and run faster. He took off from the ground, used the tree trunk at the end of the clearing as a push to propel his body forward and give him higher altitude. The wolf sailed in the air and broke through the high round window.

Glass shards rained on him, cutting into his skin. The shower curtain braced his fall and the force of the impact pulled it off its rod and wrapped around his body. He spent the next few minutes struggling with the slippery thing before his sharp nails managed to tear through the plastic. He sent the offending garb an irritated huff before rushing out of the bathroom, chasing that sweet smell again.

Ignoring the wounds in his side from the glass shards and the blood that dripped on the floorboards, the wolf went past the kitchen and stopped in the hallway. The full assault of Werewolf knotting stories heat scent made him drool because there she was, still in her human form, crouched on the floor, a fertile. Her anatomy was all wrong but the wolf felt a strong attraction to that particular fertile. Her heat called out to him like a beacon. Werewolf knotting stories her would be just right.

The fertile was slumped on her side, back facing the wolf. Her hands shaking as she tried to drag her body through the threshold of an open room, probably her bedroom, moaning and panting with exertion. The wolf let out a low growl as he approached the fertile, tongue lolling out tasting the sweet, sweet scent that permeated from her. He shook his head and lunged at her again. This time the fertile struggled harder to pull herself forward and away from him. The wolf jumped on her back, forcing her down with his weight and his jaws around the back of her neck.

The fertile whimpered and bucked up a couple of times before finally slumping down on the floor, panting hard. Satisfied that his mate finally obeyed him, the wolf gave her back a few licks as a reward before nosing her butt. There was a kind of fat red stick stuck inside her hole and the wolf snarled in indignation. His cock was definitely thicker and longer than that blasted stick.

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How dare this fertile sully her lovely juice drenched hole with that ugly stick. That delicious hole was his to fill and knot. As if sensing his distress, the fertile turned her head and looked right at him from over her sweaty shoulder. The thing came off with a squelch sound and the wolf quickly spat it out to the floor with a disgusted grunt. The juices tasted as sweet as it smelled and the mating pheromones she exuded rendered him crazy with want.

As he was lining up, the fertile suddenly shifted forward. The wolf followed her movement while kept trying to stick his cock inside her wet hole but the fertile kept moving. The wolf barked at her and buried his sharp nails onto her back to keep her still. The fertile screamed as blood ran down Werewolf knotting stories back but it managed to stop her movement and the wolf quickly pushed his cock in.

Once the cock thrust inside, the fertile keened loudly and Werewolf knotting stories her hips higher as if wanting more of him inside her. The wolf was more than happy to oblige. Shifting his hind legs to stand between her long muscular legs, he pushed harder. Another three hard thrusts got her to open her legs wider to accommodate him better and she started to moan, lifting her hips and pushing back meeting his thrusts. The air reeked of sex and mating pheromones. For several minutes, gasps and moans were the only sounds that were heard in the cabin with the occasional growl from the wolf.

The wolf quickened his thrusts, claws scrapping the wooden floor for purchase and more leverage, which sent their bodies moving up the floor. They were now halfway into the bedroom and the fertile grabbed the door frame as she pushed backwards meeting his thrust. She canted her hips sideways and gasped when his cock hit something good inside her. He felt his knot starting to inflate and the urge to grind was getting stronger. So, he slowed down his frantic pounding and ground his knot in circles in every thrust instead. The long and throaty moan that he got from the fertile because of the new movement was satisfying.

The wolf tried to jump on her back and gyrate at the same time with no success.

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He growled at her and clamped his jaw at the back of her neck but still, she tried to buck up and pull on his knot where it started to feel painful instead of pleasurable. He needed to Werewolf knotting stories this wild fertile of his, needed to assert his dominance, to show her that he was strong enough to be her Alpha without breaking her neck.

Summoning the memory of his shifting recently, the wolf managed to rein enough of his wolf side and let his human persona take control. His view of the world started to shift; thoughts and logics filled his consciousness. The shifting from wolf form to human form turned out to be less painful than the shifting from man to wolf. So much so that he could almost disregard it and it was quicker too.

You want more? I'll give you more. Werewolf knotting stories started to grind into his mate in tight circle, hitting his prostate over and over until his mate was a sobbing mess. Blood and tears pooled on the floor around his face and neck in a gruesome way. They continued to grind roughly against each other, or rather Jensen ground roughly while his mate whimpered. The fertile howled as Jensen felt a whole body shudder wreck the body under him and the ripples made delicious contractions around Werewolf knotting stories cock and sent him tumbling off of the mountain of bliss.

His orgasm hit Jensen hard, leaving him breathless and dizzy. His hips pumped erratically, coating the inside of his mate with spurts and spurts of his seeds. There was an underlying feeling of smugness and satisfaction blooming in his heart. A great sense of accomplishment for finally taming down the wildest and rarest creature known to mankind, so he let darkness pull him to its embrace. Jensen was woken up by a sharp hit on the back of his head.

When he blindly reached up his hand to give it a rub he realized that he was somehow lying down on a hard floor. Not that he missed the hangover. Tentatively, he peaked one eye open and saw only the polished hardwood floor beneath him. It was beige and kinda weird that he could distinctively see each of its grains very clearly even from a distant as close as it was, but he quickly shrugged the thought and blinked both eyes. Jensen recognized his surroundings after taking a glance around. The place looked cozy enough. The memory rushed into his head and hit him like a double-decker bus.

He could remember the loud sound of the gunshot when they shot Erin dead between her eyes. He stared unseeing at the white ceiling while his body twitched as his brain relieving hit after hit and stab after stab. Jensen gasped when his brain finally caught up with the much recent event. Jensen swiftly jumped. He was surprised by his own agility as he ended up crouching on the floor, right fingers formed a claw in front of his chest.

Huh, interesting. From the darkness of the room, Jensen saw a movement of someone who sat on the floor next to the bed, pressing some kind of cloth to his neck. The next thing he noticed was the smell of blood. It was so distinctive he was surprised he hadn't smelled it sooner. There was also another smell that hit his nose, a more pleasant smell that seemed to beckon him closer. He gracefully rose on his hands and knees, crawling into the bedroom, unmindful of his lack of clothing.

He was curious because suddenly his step brother smelled so good and there was a strong urge to lick his throat. Okay, that was a serious problem. Jensen was confused. He tilted his head for a moment before resuming his crawl ever so slowly so as not to spook Jared but his step brother lashed out suddenly.

Jared growled and bared his teeth at him before jumping forward and kicking him in the chest. I told you to leave. For all the time they spent their childhood hating each other, Jensen was used to deal with a prissy or angry Jared. It was eating him inside and he was worried that this situation was making it worse instead.

We all know that you think of me as a leech to your family. You treated me worse than scum, like I was dirt at the bottom of your shoes. I survived. I made a life of my own, away from you and your family. I have a life, I have career, I have my friends and more importantly I have my heritage, which you can never take away.

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I had a father but Alan was someone that I could depend on during my less than stellar youth, no thanks to you. So, tell me Jensen, do you enjoy being a disgrace to your family? Jared stood, throwing the bloody clothes at the corner of the room before walking towards the end of the bed to his duffel and retrieving a cotton pants and wool sweater.

Werewolf knotting stories

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