Werewolf sex stories

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My name is Lara, and my husband, David, and I live in a small town in central Vermont. We live in a modest home, a cabin really, that David built for us while we were living with my parents for a year after the wedding. That enabled him to build our cabin, with loans from our parents for materials, and we live on the edge of town, backed up to a thick forest area. I remember from growing up here, even as a little girl, that there have been intermittent problems with wolves killing livestock, and about ten years ago a woman made national news when she claims to have been chased by two werewolves when driving down a deserted road in her car.

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Most of the local people ridiculed the woman for her claim, but other, more superstitious, people even thought it might have been a couple of Bigfoot monsters. But as most myths and legends go, some of the people believe her.

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Our town has a Fall Foliage Festival which attracts a lot of tourists to our area, and many are also interested in the werewolf folklore. Several entrepreneurs have even established shops that sell werewolf-related memorabilia, and they attract tourists all year. As we and our friends became teenagers and old enough to drive, we sometimes partied deep in the forest areas, drinking and having sex.

We had fun trying to tease one another about the werewolf folklore, and some of the boys even slipped off into the forest, and then reappeared with Halloween wolf masks on to scare everyone.

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But even though I was skeptical, I was still reluctant to go into the forest alone. By the time we were both twenty years old, I had some free time when he was working out of town, and I was between part-time jobs in town.

Our town is so small that David sometimes has to work out of town for days or even a week at a time, going to those larger towns in our part of the state that are too far for a daily commute. He and some of the other workers share cheap motel rooms for those types of jobs. There is artwork and jewelry, as well as collectables and books of all types, with themes depicting both regular wolves and werewolves. That was giving me a sense of how much interest there is in the folklore.

I would soon find out that the word Lycan is derived from the word lycanthrope, which is a person with the supposed ability to transform into a wolf, or to gain wolf-like characteristics. He wears a black amulet with a leather strap around his neck, and he also gives off a pleasant, musky odor, which I assumed might have been an old-man smell, or maybe some kind of musky cologne.

He lives in a small apartment in the back half of the building, which allows him to work long hours in the shop. One thing I like the most about his shop is the private reading area in the back, between the store and his apartment, separated from the rest of his store by a beaded curtain, made up of mostly black and reddish be. When there are no other customers in the shop, he even sits with me and answers my questions regarding wolves, werewolves, and other topics that come up in the folklore. Even though I can relate to Jacob as a kind of grandfather figure, I still see the twinkle in his eyes as he closely watches me.

Werewolf sex stories had become used to men and boys gawking at me after I developed physically during the summer I turned sixteen years old, and I find it arousing, flattering, and cute for a man his age to have so much of what even seems like a sexual interest in me. I also have a firm and full ass like Jennifer, but my breasts are even bigger than hers.

Mine are honey dew-sized 32DDs which look huge on my petite body. I became sexually active in my junior year in our small high school, mainly because of the way the boys in my class, and even the seniors and some teachers were attracted to my big, firm, and shapely breasts. I started dating David at the same time I was dating many of the other boys, and even though he has a decent sized, thick, seven-inch cock, I enjoyed fucking the boys with longer and thicker cocks even more.

We started dating steady in our senior year, but I still found opportunities to fuck other boys behind his back. Our sex lives were and are pretty good, but after getting married I missed being able to fuck some of the better-hung boys. And because the boys in our school knew what a slut I was, none of them would eat me out either. The more I read and learned about werewolves, the more the myths seemed to have some truth to them. Others might be more like a wolf-man, very hairy and fur-covered, like the actor, Lon Chaney, Jr.

The third type of more-modern-concept werewolf is the one I like the best. There is so much history and folklore associated with werewolves, and I found myself becoming more and more immersed in the topics. Jacob let me take a few of books home with me, and as much as I tried to get David interested, so we could share the fantasy of it all together, he has no interest. One thing I find especially interesting is the lore about the so-called Moonlight Amulet, which is a piece of jewelry made with a black kyanite gemstone.

It is supposedly enchanted by witches to allow werewolves to painlessly control their transformations from human, to wolf, to werewolf, a kind of shape-shifting that allows them to easily and quickly change form. I learned other things from the stories too. For example, when werewolves are Werewolf sex stories their human form, they supposedly give off a pleasant, natural wolf odor, which is a little musky.

In addition, when in their werewolf form, they can communicate with a kind of mental telepathy. They also have amber or Werewolf sex stories eyes. But the thing that I found strangely arousing to learn is that werewolves have heightened sexual desires, especially for humans, but also for other werewolves. Over the course of the next six months or so, as David was working out of town on more jobs, I Werewolf sex stories spending additional time with Jacob, even some evenings after he closed his shop.

And I was asking more questions about things I was learning from the dozens of ancient and modern-day novels and other works that were touted as being authoritative reference material on werewolves. I love the way he undresses me with his light-brown, almost amber-colored eyes. Even with the difference in our ages, and his grandfatherly appearance, there is just something about him that is attractive to me, almost a kind of mystical lure. And with David gone so much, I was getting horny.

He also seems kind of mysterious and brooding, with those same light-brown, almost amber-colored eyes as Jacob, dark hair, and long, dark, porkchop sideburns. I answered him honestly, almost admitting, but not in so many words, that some of the stories made me horny. Where can I learn more about that? I wanted to be sure that you have a good foundation in werewolf lore and were yearning to know more, before exposing you to them. But believe it or not, I had never read any kind of porn material, and his weak gesture to dissuade me only increased my interest in reading the books.

He was pleased with my interest in the books and went into his apartment, soon returning with two, tattered, paperback books. If you enjoy reading them, I have plenty more to share with you. It was getting late, but since David was out of town I decided to stay and started reading one of the books. That first book has numerous short stories, each describing different forms that werewolves can take. There are also different rural and urban settings, but the ones I like the most are those involving cabins or caves deep in forested areas.

They involve encounters with legal-aged teen girls or young married women, with circumstances in their lives like mine, where they have time and opportunities to be alone with the shape-shifting werewolves. Jacob was in his apartment most of the time, since it was getting late, but he came to the reading room to check on me periodically.

He was watching me closely, likely hoping to gauge my interest and level of arousal reading the stories. I noticed that Jacob flared his nostrils, indicating that he was sensitive to and caught the scent of my soaking wet pussy. The werewolves approached the women in various ways, sometimes becoming intimate with them in human form, and then shifting to wolf-like creatures as they became more aroused.

Others started by pursuing the women as wolves or werewolf creatures, and then shifting and enticing the women to fuck them. The more-human-like forms talk with the women, but many of the creature forms use mental telepathy to communicate, and sometimes even put a kind of trance on the women to convince them to fuck. The descriptions of copious bodily fluids are even more arousing to me, which brings me to my favorite aspects of the stories.

The werewolves in mostly wolf Werewolf sex stories have kind of typical wolf genitalia. But since they are mythical creatures, their cock shafts are longer, a deeper shade of red with thick veins, and the flat, angled, chisel-like tips are more menacing. They also have huge knots and big balls. The man-wolf characters, who have mostly human form, have thick, uncircumcised, human cocks, at least nine inches long but usually even longer, with big cock he and huge, low hanging balls, which are hairier than normal men.

They fuck the women with an animal passion and hold their cocks inside the women as they ejaculate more copiously and for far longer than normal men, sometimes fifteen minutes. Wolf-man characters are furry, human-sized creatures with wolf-like genitalia, and they ejaculate like wolves. Their cocks are initially sheathed, and they produce a clear, water-like precum as they become aroused and penetrate the women.

Then, after being ed together by the big, bulbous knot at the base of their cocks and are tied together, they continue ejaculating the clear precum, until the point of orgasm, when the sperm-laden cum is ejaculated until it becomes thin and watery again. The whole process can last up to a half hour. I mentioned earlier that the more-modern depictions of werewolves are my favorites, and as I read the stories, I realized that I have even more reasons to admire them. In addition to be being very tall and muscular, with super-human strength and a wolf head, their genitals are mostly wolf-like, but still are an arousing combination of human and wolf.

When aroused, the furry foreskin retracts all the way back over the softball-sized, bulb-like knot, and the red, veiny shafts, that are over six inches around, can be ten to twelve inches long beyond the bulb, with the flat, angled tip and large urethra opening looking so arousing. I ended up reading both books before I left after midnight, and my crotch was soaking wet. Jacob smiled as he came into the room to take the books, sniffing the air again, taking in the aroma of my arousal.

Do you think you have enough interest to want to of them, and if so, which themes do you like the most? There was no reason to lie to Jacob, and knowing that he already sensed my arousal, I felt compelled to entice him. The smooth layer of dark fur covering their muscular torsos is attractive too. But I think I like the descriptions of the sex scenes and their large tongues and genitals the most.

I masturbated myself to two huge orgasms when I got home that night, and for the first time ever, I had a squirting climax that soaked my sheets. I had dreams of those big werewolves fucking me Werewolf sex stories night, and I even had visions of Jacob lurking near me, flaring his nose and licking his lips with a very long tongue. David was also coming home that evening to stay Werewolf sex stories the weekend, so I would have to wait until the following Monday to visit Jacob again. I tried to get David interested in werewolf folklore again.

We fucked four times that weekend, and I had stopped taking my birth control pills since we were trying to get me pregnant. It was late afternoon by then, and he closed his shop after I arrived, as he sometimes does on slow business days. He had three books of werewolf short stories selected for me to read, and I picked the one with Werewolf sex stories most suggestive cover photo, showing a massive werewolf with a huge cock fucking a petite woman. Jacob busied himself cleaning the shop, sometimes walking past me to go to his apartment, as I settled on the couch to read. The first story was very juicy, about my favorite kind of werewolf fucking a woman almost twenty-one years old, about my age.

I was totally absorbed in the arousing story, and barely noticed the first time when Jacob peeked at me through the beaded curtains when I had my hand pushed under my tight pants, actively fingering my wet pussy. He walked through again a few minutes later, on his way to his apartment, and I realized that he was watching what I was doing.

I was embarrassed and my face was flushed as I pulled my hand out of my pants. This is a really good story, and oh my goodness the werewolf is driving the woman crazy with his long tongue and uh, uh, big That first story was good, but not very long, and over the next two hours I finished the first book and was into the second. Jacob peaked through the curtain Werewolf sex stories few times, and later openly watched me finger myself, as he occasionally sat in the chair across from the couch. I had my legs up with my feet resting on the sofa table in front of the couch, sometimes resting the book on my thighs as I fingered my pussy with one hand and rubbed my breasts with the other.

By the time I got to the third book, in my fourth hour there, Jacob was continually sitting in the chair across from me and openly rubbing his cock lump. You can even take your top off if you want to. It would give an old man a lot pleasure to see you like that. I suddenly felt compelled to allow Jacob to see me fully nude but was also at ease with those feelings. I wanted to please him in any way I could. Jacob watched, still rubbing his crotch, as I slowly peeled my yoga pants down and off, and then lifted my tight yoga top off over my head. I was sitting totally nude in front of a man who was at least forty-five to fifty-five years older than me, and it somehow felt so natural.

I spread my legs and he stared at my bulging labia lips, glistening through the neatly-trimmed, brown pubic hair, before glancing up at my firm, pendulous DD breasts that were still swaying in front of me. So ripe, so succulent, and so ready to be sucked. My mind was swimming with emotion as I held out my arms to Jacob, inviting him to come to me. He pulled the sofa table out of the way, and got on his knees in front of me, pulling my ass out over the edge of the couch and my legs over his shoulders. He leaned down to suck my pussy, and his mustache tickled my inner thighs, before his lips closed over my labia.

We were both moaning as he sucked and probed my pussy with his tongue, and at the same time reached up to grip and fondle my breasts with his hands. He ate me out that way for several minutes, and then I felt his tongue growing longer and thicker, and not only deeply probing my vagina, but also periodically pressing his tongue between my ass cheeks and licking my entire crotch area.

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I had my eyes closed at first, reveling in the pleasure of finally having my pussy sucked. I opened my eyes and was horrified and fearful at first to see that Jacob was shape-shifting Werewolf sex stories a werewolf. Then it all made sense. Jacob wearing that black kyanite amulet, his musky aroma, those light-brown, almost amber eyes, his keen sense of smell and flaring nostrils as he picked up the aroma of my arousal, and his heightened sexual desire.

Holy fucking shit, the myths and legends about werewolves are true! By the time I noticed his furry hands, his head was already wolf-like, and his muscular, furry body had grown to what looked like over six feet tall. He must have sensed my fear, and as he continued probing the depths of my pussy with his massive tongue, he looked at me with his then-golden eyes, in that ferocious wolf head, and I sensed a telepathic message from him.

After all the stories I had read about women being fucked by those huge werewolf cocks, I wanted to be ravished by Jacob and feel what I really hoped to be a huge cock penetrating my pussy. The claws on his hands were fearsome, but he was careful not to scratch the tender flesh of my breasts with them.

He must have loved eating me out, because he kept it up for what seemed like ten minutes, probing my pussy with his long thick tongue, deeper than David could with his cock. He finally removed my legs from around his then-massive shoulders, shifted his enormous head up, and carefully began licking and even sucking my honey-dew-sized breasts, only infrequently grazing my flesh with Werewolf sex stories long fangs, but not breaking the skin. Because of the difference in our heights, he was humping my lower thigh with what felt like a massive, bare cock, that was already leaking precum.

I looked down around his torso and saw what looked to be his red, thick, ten-inch werewolf shaft, the flat, angled tip, the big, red, bulbous knot, as well as baseball-sized testicles swinging in his fur-covered scrotum. Jacob finally moved farther up on me, and before he pushed his long tongue into my mouth, I looked down and saw the red tip and veiny shaft of his huge cock poised at my hairy vulva.

Werewolf sex stories

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