Wet goodnites stories

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Discuss Images Stories Home. And it was nice to not have to deal with wet sheets, a wet bedspread, wet mattress cover Mom had put the plastic sheet on my bed when I first started wetting, and never took it offor wet pajamas. Just a wet GoodNites.

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Mom sent me to the bathroom to take the wet GoodNites off, and wash up. I wiped my clammy pee-soaked skin with a rag, then dressed in my boxers and clothes. After breakfast, Jay called to ask if I wanted to go sledding again, since we were out of school for so long and the snow was still good to sled on. I told him I had to ask my Mom, and that I'd call him back. May I? You'll have to wear your snowsuit, and, well, you know how that goes if you need to Wet goodnites stories.

And if I have to go to the bathroom, I can come home quick, before it gets so bad like it did yesterday. Please, Mom? And besides, if you go, then have to use the bathroom and come back, I'm not going to be having you go in and out all day. I promise, Mom, I won't wet my pants today.

After running it around in my head a few times, I decided to ask Mom. Could I go sledding then? Finally, she spoke. And now, you're asking me to let you wear it? But if it makes it so I can go with Jay to the Hill, then I'll do it. Go call Jay and tell him you'll meet him there, then go get a pair on.

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I'll get your snowsuit stuff ready. I'll wear two pair of thermals under them. And not from the inside. I mean, you'll be drenched and cold before you know it. A snowsuit keep the wetness out, and will keep you warm. After that, I tugged my jeans and boxers down, and after a momentary hesitation, I pulled on a fresh pair of GoodNites, the pulled clean thermal pants on, and jeans. I was relieved that no of the bedwetting pants. I finished getting ready, putting on the thermal top and a sweatshirt, then my heavy socks.

I headed down to the basement, where Mom had my snowsuit ready.

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Once it was on, she told me to be home by noon or so for lunch. I agreed, and headed off to the Hill.

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The cool older kids, the middle and high school kids, were in school. Only the preschoolers and the elementary age kids were there. And Jay and I were the only kids from our grade there. We still went sledding, and had downhill dogfights with each other, but we had to be less rowdy because of the little. At aboutI decided to call it a morning, and asked Jay if he wanted to come over for lunch. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe we'll go sledding too.

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I got there, and went right to the garage, to the basement door. I struggled out of the bulky suit, and kicked my boots off to the side.

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When I was halfway up the steps, I felt it. A warmth spreading throughout my crotch, the warmth of pee. I was wetting the GoodNites, and I never even felt the need to go. How was I going to explain this to Mom? Mom asked me when I sat down for lunch how sledding was, and I told her fine. She then asked me if I'd had to use the GoodNites.

After lunch, she told me to strip my clothes off in the laundry area, that she would start a load. I know you. You'll get up to your room, turn the TV on and forget about what I asked you to do. If I have to tell you one more time, Nick, to go put your dirty clothes in the washer, I'll cut your cable off for a week. No such luck. She followed me to the laundry area, and readied the rest of the load while I stripped down. When it came time to pull the thermal pants off, I hesitated. It was the last straw for Mom. Get them off already," she said, sounding annoyed and reaching out for me.

When she tugged the pants down, she immediately saw the state of my GoodNites. The race car pattern was gone, having disappeared when I wet. I can see you did. Now, tell me when you did pee your pants, because I asked you at lunch if you'd used it, and you told me no. Did you do eating lunch? Before you got home? I was going to come home to go to the bathroom, but Jay talked me into staying.

So I told him I could hold it and just used the GoodNites. I'm sorry, Mom, I really am. So you just decided to wet yourself so you could play some more? Nick, I'm disappointed in Wet goodnites stories. I let you wear the GoodNites to play in to prevent what happened yesterday. Which was, if you recall. I want you in your room, young man, and no TV. If I hear the TV, you'll lose it for a month. Now get. Once there, I tore the wet GoodNites off and redressed in boxers, sweatpants and a t-shirt.

I flopped onto my bed, wanting to watch a movie, but afraid I'd make Mom more mad at me. About an hour later, I was about to go insane with boredom when Mom walked in. She had a sad look on her face, but a stern one as well. I knew the look.

One that said "I'm not happy I have Wet goodnites stories do what I have to do, but I have to do it. You told me Jay talked you into staying longer. That's the lie I mean, Nick. I spoke to Jay's Mom. I had her ask Jay if that was accurate. He denies ever saying that. Do you know the tub o' trouble you're in, son? I had lied, and used Jay's name to do it.

In fact, I knew Jay was probably madder than a bull at me for it too. You'll have to deal with that later. But not until you go back to school. Because yes, son, you are in a deep tub o' trouble. A very deep one. For starters, you're grounded for one month. No TV, no going to the Hill to sled, in fact, you won't leave this house unless it's to go to school.

I've arranged for Tiffany to watch you if I go out. Tiffany is the twelve-year-old girl who lives the next house down from Mom and I. That's for lying to me about if you Wet goodnites stories wet, when I asked at lunch. Now, I'm going to ask you again. When did you wet the GoodNites? I was halfway up the steps and I felt myself wetting. Nick, I'm very disappointed in you.

And this lying! When did you start thinking it was okay to lie to me? I just Or to hate me because I wet myself again. You could grow up to be a mass murderer, and I won't hate you.

Wet goodnites stories

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Goodnites Stories