Wife flirting stories

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Published 17 years ago. This is a story about my sexy flirty wife. I like her to ware short skirts of dresses and to show off her legs to other men i am quite happy for her to chat to other men and flirt with them i find it very exciting when we get home and she tells me the things other men have said to her, we started to have sexual fanties about what these other men wanted to do with her and we both found it very exciting.

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Her flirting is dancing with other men in clubs letting another man know she has stockings on by ajusting them so they can see her shocking tops and suspender Wife flirting stories and sitting in a position with legs crossed so you can see a glimps of stocking top. She would say surely you dont want me to go further do you or would you like me to be a very naughty wife and have some fun with another man as you watch, well i did want her to go all the way i told her to go for it i like to watch, she told me she likes the idear of being with two men at the same time and wanted to try it but not on our door step we need to go away for a long weekend and go to a posh hotel where business men are staying and no one knows us i agreed.

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I left my wife and barry talking and went to the loo when i came back they were dancing together so i sat down and watched i gave barry the thumbs up to reasure him it was ok, they had several slow dances together, when they came back barry went to the bar my wife said i hope you dont mind but he had a hard on i could feel it pressing up against me it felt quite nice, i smiled and suggested she showed a bit more leg off so she hitched up her skirt and crossed her legs, barry camr back and complempted her legs saying i hope you dont mind but your wife is a very sexy women, she asked him if he liked her legs he looked at me and i said its ok barry i dont mind yes very sexy legs indeed, my wife said Wife flirting stories dance again you dont mind do you darling no i said its ok go and enjoy yourselfs.

Wife flirting stories

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