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for Free! Published 10 years ago. My wife Carol and I are both in our early fifties and last Friday had a mind blowing experience.

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The episode was related to me by Carol last Friday afternoon when she called me at work to tell me to come home as she had something to say which couldn't wait. We had met up for lunch at a small but very good hotel in the town where we live. The dining area was very busy and we had to sit at the bar to eat but no problem for us to do that. We had a couple of drinks and I had noticed that from the time we sat down Carol had been getting some appreciative looks from one or two of the men in the place. She is attractive with still a very nice shape in spite of being classed as middle aged.

I noticed that when she first climbed up on the bar stool one guy in particular had watched the hem of her above the knee length skirt as it rode up as she got herself sat comfortably.

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We finished lunch and she had drunk three glasses of wine by now and while been in no means tipsy she was definitely happy, I told her that she had an admirer who had been eyeing her up since we sat down. She looked across in his direction and said yes I thought he was taking an interest, at that moment she re crossed her legs which allowed the skirt to go higher for a second or two revealing a lot of her shapely thighs to his gaze. I had to get back to work but I told her that as she was having a good time she could have a couple more drinks and take a cab home, I also said conspiratorily that she might get lucky with this young guy who clearly facncied her.

She laughed it off but I could detect that her face flushed slightly at the thought and I knew she was definitely flattered to have a younger man giving her a good looking at. About four o'clock my cell phone went and it was Carol telling me she had something to show and tell me which couldn't wait. I drove home and found her in the kitchen having a gin and tonic which is something she never does during the day. She then went on to describe the events that lead her to call me.

Just after I left the hotel this guy came up to the bar for a refil, he started to make conversation and asked her if he could her as he had just finished a company seminar at the hotel and was a stranger in town, he said he was booked in till the following day. Carol apparently said yes and he sat next to her. He asked her where hubby had gone and she said back to work, he commented that I must be mad to leave a desirable woman like her on her own just to go to work.

She was very flattered and had a funny feeling at been appraised and flirted with in a public place. The talk Wife picks up stranger stories around to the hotel and how nice it was and my wife said although we used it regularly she had never seen a guestroom. He said come and have a look at mine and we can have a drink in there out of the mini bar. She had a moment of indecision before agreeing to go with him.

He led her down the passage and unlocked his room door he took her arm and led her inside. She sat on a sofa while he brought the drinks over. They talked some more and he mentioned how good she looked and sat even closer to her.

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He asked her did she realise that when she had looked his way in the bar and arranged her position he had see a flash of bare leg above her stocking top when she crossed her legs? He reached out and touched her leg below her skirt and at the same time pulled her towards him to kiss her, she said she made a weak attempt at saying no but within seconds she was responding to his advance and had her mouth open with his tongue inside. His hands went up under her top and pushed it right up so he could get at her bra, his hands moved behind to unclip the bra strap before Wife picks up stranger stories to the front so his finger tips could stroke the swollen nipples, she was breathing heavily at this and when he bent to suck her nipples she was crying out with pleasure.

His hands went to the hem of her skirt and pushed it up over her stocking tops and bare legs so he could get at her panties, he was talking to her and asking her if she liked it, she replied yes and he said I knew you would be hot and horny, this made her more excited and her hands went to his zip so she could open his trousers. He told her to get his dick out and give it a suck. He stood up while ahe got the zip down and took his very stiff penis in her hand, she wanked him for a while until he placed his hand behind her head and told her to suck it.

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She sucked the end of his dick while he gasped and told her what a dirty bitch she was. After a while he started to lay her down on the sofa, she was frantic by now and he asked her if she wanted him to fuck her, she replied yes please and his hands stroked up her thighs over her stocking tops, bare legs and suspenders to push her skirt all the way up so it was rucked up around her waist.

He told he to help him remove her panties so her hands went up to assist him as he started to ease down the by now soaking wet lace panties. When they had them around her ankles he removed them completely and showed her how wet they were with her juices. His hand went between her legs to touch her hairy wet Wife picks up stranger stories which he stroked until she was begging him to fuck her. She reached out and took his penis in her hand and put it into her pussy.

He shagged her until they both came with huge orgasms, she said he seemed to be ejaculating forever and to prove it she showed me her panties which were soaked in pussy juice and this guys semen, and her stocking tops which again were stained with his cum which had run down her bare thighs, her pussy hairs were also still sticky. I have never been as excited as I was at that moment at fistly the thought of her being seduced and fucked by a stanger but also her showing me the evidence of her newly creamed pussy.

What a weekend we had following this.

Wife picks up stranger stories

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