Wife rape fantasy stories

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My mixed race wife had embarrassingly expressed a few times over the years that she sometimes masturbated while fantasizing about being raped. Recently, I had decided to give her a taste.

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She knew, of course. We had our typical night of putting the kids to bed, then when time came for sex, I told her that I had to go to the car. I then told her to get naked and find sexy outfit accessories that I hid: a wet-look top with mesh over her absolutely perfect, caramel, H cup tits, wet-look leggings with her heels and pretty toes exposed, leather cuffs, waist chain, and leather eye mask. I then told her to lay face down on the bed, fat, round ass up in the air and to wait.

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I arrived and got undressed, wearing leather underwear with pop-open front to expose my thick, long cock. I got my fake knife, put on my mask and black leather gloves and entered the bedroom where my wife lie waiting, ass-up as instructed. I immediately placed the knife to her throat and told her to do exactly what I say or her husband would be killed. I then lubed up my glove and fingered her pussy viciously as I fingered the rim of her asshole.

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She had no choice this time. Her moans and slight squeals of pain let me know she was enjoying it. I then went in front of Wife rape fantasy stories and shoved my cock down her throat for an uncharacteristically rough throat fuck. I railed her for a while and came hard and deep in her ass. I told her to not tell her husband what happened when he got home. I then left, got dressed, then came home and acted like nothing happened The next morning, she said she keeps thinking about the last night, so she blew me and we both came as I fucked hey perfect pussy.

Erotic Stories. Galaxy10Ted August 18, am. Yah know…. So-Cal-Sinner August 18, am. Way to fucking go. I just could not get my brain into it. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. August 18 Related Posts Erotic Stories Breeding gf 24f all day today! We were breeding in front of the window and noticed a voyeur watching us. After we came, she saw our viewer masturbate so she posed naked until he came. Erotic Stories Breeding gf 24f all day today! Erotic Stories Drunk sex story time.

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Wife rape fantasy stories

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