Wild bachelor party stories

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So I asked some guys to anonymously share the things that happened at their bachelor party—those details that they would never want to share with their ificant other:.

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Our last stop of the night was, predictably, a strip club. Of course, my friends insisted on my getting a lap dance from her. During it, we caught up and she told me about her husband. So yeah, that was a really weird and unexpected thing. My best man took us all to a casino, and while we were there I snorted cocaine off the back of a toilet.

So my bachelor party was one of those ones that take place the day before the rehearsal dinner, so I was experiencing all the crazy thoughts that I think most guys go through right before getting married. A bunch of us were sitting at a table at a bar, and I started talking about the worries I had about getting married.

There were tears of fear and everything. It was nothing but cold feet, but I would never want my wife to know about it because she would probably get the wrong idea about what was going on. They kept goading me into going to one, and I was kind of sick of it, so at one point I just drunkenly showed them a few pictures my wife had sent me when I was on a business trip. I lost a lot of money, and I felt bad about it afterward. I could have used some of it to put a down payment on a house or other responsible adult things.

From an Asian stripper. But my best man, who had been my best friend through college, knew that I had always wanted to sleep with an Asian woman. When I met the love of my life, I became even less so. Once I had that, I was fine with hanging out with her and watching Netflix on weekend nights. My bachelor party ended up being really chill. My friends and I went to Wild bachelor party stories karaoke place in Korea Town and were back to our hotel room by about 1 a.

Mostly because I made up a bunch of stuff about how wild we got. My best men—both of my brothers—planned it. We rented a cabin in the Finger Lakes area of New York.

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The plan was to have a real sausage fest. We were going to drink booze, smoke weed, eat food, and golf for three straight days. Our first day there, we were on the 11th of 18 holes when a storm rolled in and we were forced off the golf course. We were back at the cabin, drinking beers and grilling on the covered porch, when the sky turned pitch black and all our phones went off with one of those emergency als about a tornado warning.

Then we saw a funnel cloud in the sky off in the distance. All 12 or so of us packed into that area and freaked out while we waited for the storm to pass. I told my wife about the tornado, but I would never tell her about how a bunch of grown men were huddled together in a basement crawl space just hoping that they would live to get married.

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I was in my boxers. I was also horrified. I had no memory of the night before, starting just after my dad bought me a double shot of Jager. As soon as I found enough clarity to come up with this story, my best friend Preston woke up in the front seat, and in a very manic way, tried to figure out where he was.

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Once we reconnected with our friends, we found out that Pres and I were upset about the sleeping arrangements in the hotel room. There were too many dudes, two of whom were passed out on the king size bed that was ased to me. It was my party, okay? Sometimes I can be a diva. Anyway, we found out later that Pres and I had come downstairs to the lobby—both of us in just our boxer-briefs, me with a fifth of Johnnie Walker Black Label in my hand.

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Wild bachelor party stories

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12 Guys Share Their Craziest Bachelor Party Confessions