Wolf rape stories

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Want to Read. Buy on Amazon. Rate this book. High in the mountains above a remote ski resort, Aylen and Emily peer through their binoculars at the distant wolf pack. Why are they not mating? What scent have they caught on the wind? Why do these wolves seem It won't be long before they discover the terrible truth Excerpt: The howl turned to a yell, cracking halfway as the vocal cords shifted, and the alpha came, his screams echoing around the clearing.

As soon as he'd filled Emily with his seed he fell to the side, sliding out of her ravaged pussy to collapse beside her. Aylen stared in shock.

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He was human, it was undeniable. The fur remained across the chest and back, thinner but still coarse, and the hair on his head was a long, greasy mane, but apart from that he looked entirely human. Howls erupted from the edge of the clearing, and in the darkness Aylen could make out the shifting shapes of the other wolves. They began to prowl from the darkness into the moonlight, both men and women, all of them muscular and powerful. They walked like Aylen knew each of them intimately, and she thought she could identify them by the way they moved around the clearing.

One woman, tall and rangy with dark, dirty hair and a pert, luscious ass prowled around the center, her eyes never leaving Emily and the alpha.

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She was the alpha female, Aylen realized, and she'd been cheated from her prize. The alpha male lazily lifted his head and growled a warning, and she backed away a few steps before holding her ground. The male rose to his feet and stood firm, a low growl rumbling from his throat, and then he turned quickly, lifted Emily easily with one hand and threw her over his shoulder.

Without another sound he was gone from the clearing, and Emily with him. Too late, Aylen understood her problem. When the alpha had fucked Emily he'd made her the new alpha female. The old alpha had fallen in rank, and Aylen herself Fair game. She hid behind the rock, trying to make herself smaller. The other wolves knew she was there, but maybe they'd be preoccupied with their own kind in the mating frenzy that was beginning.

If she stayed silent she may have the chance to creep from the clearing while the wolves were lost in their private bliss. She just had to — Wolf rape stories first wolf attacked. The man landed heavily on her back, pushing her down against the rock with his powerful arms, pinning her to the cold stone as he yanked her ski pants down to her knees.

She yelled in shock and pain as he forced his way inside her. His cock was enormous, and this time it was already erect. Aylen's nose was filled with the musky scent of his sweat, and she felt his searing breath on Wolf rape stories back of her neck as he forced her against the rock. He fucked her feverishly, hard and fast, and it was only moments before she felt the first jet of hot cum spurt into her pussy. She never even saw her attacker.

By the time she caught her breath and turned around he'd melted back into the pack. Aylen shook with fear. She felt hot cum dripping down her inner thighs, and she knew her body was sending out als that every member of the pack could sense. She tried to back against the rock to block attackers from the rear, but as she turned she saw four men staring at her body. Their sharp yellow eyes bore into her, and their lips gleamed as they snarled with hunger.

Top genres for this book Paranormal. Paranormal Romance. Series Wolf Mountain 1. This edition Format 18 s, Kindle Edition. Published March 24, by Bangkok Nights Erotica.

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Language English. More details. Aya Fukunishi 61 books followers. Aya Fukunishi is a Japanese British author of erotic short stories. She lives in the crackling heart of Bangkok, Thailand, with her partner and spends her evenings with the bar girls and ladyboys of this smutty, XXX-rated city. Aya shot to fame with the release of the internationally bestselling Dominated by the Billionaire series. She's also infamous for riding the length of the Bangkok subway while sitting on a vibrator though let's keep that between us.

Search review text. Displaying 1 - 10 of 23 reviews. There's also rape and incest! Sarah Louise. Couldn't sleep. Carolyn F. Short story A couple of friends get taken wink, wink by a group of wolves that can change to humanish shape.

Now one of the girls needs to rescue her friend. Josh Randell. Author 16 books 4 followers. It was interesting. I highly recommend people read the other reviews before partaking in any of this trilogy. It's not as cut and dry as the negative reviews say though.

They aren't incorrect in their reviewing, but there's more to it then straight rape, incest, bestiality Not trying to defend the stories, just saying Of course there are ways to cover anything and write about extremely taboo subjects while giving an Wolf rape stories reason" for things to happen.

Like it or don't, read it or don't. It's different for sure, but still hot Now, I may say this author's idea of werewolves was really interesting! If it wasn't for the super creepy sex I would have been interested.

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I have a few "spoilers," but you might want to read Wolf rape stories so you know what you are getting into. The werewolf licking his mate and having sex with her in human and him in wolf form was a bit odd. The very explicit bestiality writing was more than a bit odd and could even be considered super creepy. I'm all for heavy fantasy, I enjoy very explicit erotica's, but in my erotica's I don't like to be reminded of.

This author made sure you were very aware that even though this "pup" looked full grown, it was most certainly still. I quote, "In human form she looked fully grown, but Aylen knew that the wolf was nothing but a poor, helpless. The author refers to her several times as a "pup," a "young girl," and goes on to use the word "child" when describing her speech patterns.

The author also likes to make sure the reader is aware this poor helpless child was just born last year. I don't know, that is too creepy for me. Also, this poor helpless wolf-girl gets raped by her brothers, then the second human Aylen fully aware of her "age" gets down and dirty with her several times, all of which have that "child-like" undertone when referring to the wolf-girls age.

Wolf rape stories

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Thrown to the Wolves