Wolf vore story

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Rich Text File. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. The Large Wolf Vore. Had a lot of fun making it. Galileo doesn't know what he's going do while Jude is out of town, he is scared and vulnerable. But a stranger drops by into Galileo's life, helping that problem. Introduced a new character. Galileo, Jude, and Christian are mine. The hands of the clock darted bit by bit, showing every second and every minute that Wolf vore story by. His class erupted in complete excitement and anarchy knowing within the minute they would be released from prison.

They chattered away with relentless conversations about stupid and pointless topics such as football or Lil Wayne's new album. Galileo looked at his desk, rubbed his fingers through his fur on his head, and sighed, he just wanted for the dismissal bell to ring. Galileo grabbed his bag, stuffed it with his pencil, Labtop and scrapbook and began to stand up but was immediately pushed down.

She walked away, hips swaying, and headed towards the open door. Galileo couldn't help but look at her. She was beautiful, but she hated him, as do a lot of other people for no given reason. He blushed, and tried to get up again into his seat isle. Walking down the crowded hallway, being bumped and pushed, cutted off like as if the hallway were an intersection on a busy road, and being stared at deeply, he managed to get out of there alive.

He arrived at the bus depot at the back of his school, looking at the long row of yellow buses and entered his own. Sitting at the back of the bus, he stared out the window at the wondering students, thinking about what he would do for the rest of the day.

Jude was out of town just for the 3 days but it seems like it would be forever. In between the bangs, he felt a tapping on his shoulder. Galileo turned towards the anonymous voice behind him. He noticed a group of students were in a line behind the speaker. The speaker glared Wolf vore story him. In fact, you better just get off the bus. He pointed to the front of the bus towards the door. Every single person was turned in their seats, all looking at Galileo. He frowned angrily and grunted.

He stood up and squeezed passed the taunter. With a sudden shove, he was pushed to the floor of the bus. He toppled on another student as well. He met the door of the bus and toppled out onto the pavement. The doors closed behind him. He looked at the windows and saw that everyone was laughing him. The bus started to roll, leaving Galileo behind. He shook his head and spat. He was annoyed and angry. Irritated at the world once again.

He got out his phone and dialed Jude's. It rang a few times before he answered. Galileo smiled at the sound of his voice. When will you be home? Galileo whimpered. Jude laughed. Galileo stopped walking and looked both ways of a street and proceeded forward.

Its bull crap I know. He rubbed his eyes as they started to water. Galileo stood up from the table he was at, walked to the counter of the Starbucks and ordered.

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He hesitated. The cashier tapped the register to get an official price. Galileo looked down at the display counter that held all the doughnuts, pastries, and many deserts like that. Getting out his wallet, he handed the cashier the money and walked back to the table.

He sat down and immediately started to scarf down his eclair. After finishing, without even touching his coffee, he got out his labtop and began to read online stories. He loved to read, especially other peoples stories of all sorts. It was a great pass time and he enjoyed it. Gradually taking sips of his coffee, he entered slacker. His eyes felt heavy and he yawned constantly. He yawned one last time and put his head down on the table. He closed his eyes and dozed off. Hey" Galileo groaned. He opened his eyes slowly to see the cashier standing next to him.

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Galileo sat up and looked at his labtop which was still sitting on the table. It was dead. Galileo Wolf vore story out the window and rubbed his eyes. He popped his knuckles and stood up. He grabbed his laptop and put it into his back pack. He stretched and walked out the the doors into the darkened environment. He looked around and it was pitch black. He took a nervous step onto the sidewalk and headed to his house. He lived quite a ways from starbucks, actually really far, he knew something bad was going to happen. Telling himself to suck it he opened his phone. He kept it out as a flash light because the street lights didn't help much.

He looked around hoping that nothing would jump out at him out of the dark. He could barely see his paw that was right in front of his face. He gulped and kept walking. He noticed a figure walking along the other side of the street. It was a giant shadow and he couldn't see its features. His heart dropped. His pace sped up. He was so scared but felt bad for judging so quickly, he couldn't even see his face. He looked at what he could see of the his feet walking on the concrete sidewalk. The figure lured closer and closer, making Galileo more uneasy. The closer the figure got, the more Galileo sweat.

Galileo was paying attention to the figure and walked into the path of a street light's beam. He was very noticable now, he was in the only light found in this hellish darkness. He saw that the figure stopped and looked at him. Wolf vore story started walking faster and faster, knowing that the figure had his eyes on him. Soon the figure was out of sight since Galileo was walking the opposite way. He tried focusing on that and only that. He couldn't hear a thing, besides white noise. Galileo was in a panic.

He started to jog, he just wanted to be home. Eventually, after a while of jogging, he looked around, not seeing the shadow figure, or anything for that for that matter. The darkness was so intense, so threatening. He thought hard to tell where he was at, he had no idea.

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His tail sagged, he was scared out of his mind He was lost. He frantically turned in every direction, hoping to see something familiar. His eyes were glistening in the moonlight. He was terrified. He ran down a random street, not even knowing the name of it. He ran into a trash can and landed on someones lawn. He laid there on his back, staring at the stars. Those were the only things he recognized.

They shined bright, with more distinct colors than the moon which was right in the middle of them. He felt so small knowing that there was a whole vast of unknown stuff in space. He sat up, having the strangest feeling that he was being watched.

He gasped at the thought of it. In instinct, he stood up and ran. He ran for over 3 minutes in a strait pace without even stopping.

Wolf vore story

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