Wooden spoon spanking stories

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She was a strict disciplinarian, but never crossed the line and for a majority of the time, she treated us with love and respect. We were clothed, fed, taken to school, and enjoyed occasional vacations. I never could recall what happened to my parents or how I became a foster daughter to Mother.

I always wish I had registered her voice the first time. She then walked me over to one of the wooden stools at the counter. She looked around in the doorways searching for something, and when I figured out what it was my stomach churned. It took only a few minutes for the others to sidle down the stairs and collect around the perimeter. There were seven of us altogether, with two boys and five of us girls. The others, watched in frozen fear as mother stood imposingly over me.

I was just a gawky and lanky high school nerd who with some good heels could maintain an average height. I would say that I never really got attention from guys, but that would be a lie. Most of the time it Wooden spoon spanking stories weirdos and creepers who gave me attention, and older men who routinely made me feel uncomfortable. My bright copper hair also led men to believe I was somehow crazy or exotic, which never really sat well with me either. Although in truth, Mother may have only been a few inches taller, I could have sworn she was a towering figure.

Despite her fearsome attitude and unwavering demeanor, she was quite beautiful. I was totally jealous the first time I saw her long flowing brown hair, full even breasts, and firm backside. A soon as she put fear into the others, I dreaded my fate. I honestly think the waiting was almost as terrible as what was to come.

She spent the time I was filled with grisly anticipation, looking for something else.

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I screamed in my head as she continued to rummage through drawers. Finally, she settled on a wooden spoon that was larger and thicker than your average ruler. I obeyed mostly because I was too afraid to move or deviate from her orders. She sat down on the flat wooden stool, squirming a bit until she found the most comfortable position. I was not afforded the same luxury. At first, I assumed because of her nasty nature, I would be naked or something across her lap.

Being of a weird and awkward body type I could never quite find jeans that fit well. These ones were almost good enough, but because of my lack of a proper ass, they sagged a little when I was bent over. The first smack Wooden spoon spanking stories precisely on my right cheek. Oww… with all this protection it still stings. After the initial smack, she began to pick up the pace.

Alternating between my ass cheeks, she sent a flurry of echoing waves throughout my body. My guess is that she was using the pockets on the back as targets to better pinpoint each strike. It hurt tremendously, and I can still recall the tears rushing down my face. There was, however, a different sensation that I also discovered. Not just your average arousal, but my panties were soaked and desperately trying to keep it a secret.

The spanking went on forever, it seemed like. I was still trying to fight off my anxiety, as I was switching frequently to the extremes of pleasure and pain. When she noticed me squirming, she grabbed my red ponytail and held my head up by it for a moment. My mind was trying to abide by her order, but my body had other plans. It was almost as if it was intentionally defying her and I continued to flail around like a tuna hauled up out of the ocean.

The cavalcade of slaps ended, but not for long. She only paused to make things worse.

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A quick snap, and zip and she was yanking my jeans around my knees. Now I was even more afraid and embarrassed and practically bare-assed. My underwear was just a thin layer of white cotton that shielded my now scarlet buns from her punishing hand.

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I was surprised when she only ended the onslaught after a few smacks. But it was far from an end. I was still dreading the wooden spoon casually staring at me from the counter. Just as I suspected she picked up the spoon and teased me with it, rubbing it over my engulfed backside. She brought down that spoon like it was lightning crashing to the ground, with the relatively same effect. I was completely shocked after the first few whacks, but after a while, all I could hear was the distant drone of it pounding my flesh.

The intense pain had an almost numbing effect that I was sure would subside. When she finally finished, she pushed me off her lap, exposing my crimson blistered buns to all of the others. I turned to examine the damage and it was a redder shade than my hair. for Free! Score 4. Published 3 years ago. Then with a swift move, she hoisted me off the stool.

Wooden spoon spanking stories

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