Worst punishment stories

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Parents are being charged for child abuse because they are trying to teach their children a lesson. Before, it was done in the privacy of there homes where no one else knew about it. Even going to the store, parents waited to get home to really punish their children.

Nowadays, parents are taking their punishments further than it needs to be. Technology is extremely popular and anything can be captured and recorded.

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Social media Worst punishment stories taken a huge toll on videos being posted everyday. Many of these parents are taking their punishments a bit further, using shame to teach their children a lesson in a public way. Posting videos to show your child a lesson can be humiliating for them and not something they are looking forward to hearing from other kids at school.

Here are 15 of the most savage punishments that parents might have gone a little too far with. Maybe their children learned their lessons, or maybe the parents had a little lesson to learn themselves. Sports is a serious game. Well, this dad is teaching his son a lesson when it comes to school and really wanted to get the message across. You fight, you argue, and you fight some more. When I was younger, my sister and I even fought over a hairbrush. Getting into arguments was an almost everyday thing. A mother who disciplines her children for fighting with each other, is a great mother.

Being able to strengthen your family comes a long way.

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Talk about moving out of the house now! Law enforcements were called by some upset neighbors, but investigators said the family was not breaking any rules. The parents will let their son stay inside of their home under one condition: he would have to write five book reports teaching him about becoming respectable. Easy enough, right? Consistently, his mother tried everything to get him to do his homework and not end up on the streets.

This did get attention from the news and was aired that night. Lets hope James learned his lesson. This punishment was legally considered bizarre, according to Department of Children and Families spokesman Terry Field. For that is misbehaving by earning poor grades, shoplifting, stealing money from his parents, and not taking care of his dog, these parents sure had something in store for him.

Los Angeles sheriff, Grady Machnick and his wife, Deborah, a former elementary school principal was accused of emotionally abusing their son. They admitted to trying multiple solutions to solve this issue but was not getting anywhere with there son. They even tried a of strange punishments such as making him sleep in the backyard with dog blankets and pillows.

How about trying positive and negative reinforcements? Nowadays, kids Worst punishment stories on their phone all day and night and might lose their mind if it gets taken away. When they get in trouble, most parents would take away their electronics for a few hours or days as a punishment, right? Their mother then hammers the remaining pieces of their phones. I was terrified. But the point is, as we believe everything. Two Staten Island parents did something similar with their badly behaved 6-year old daughter. The difference is that they actually dropped her off at the police station to make her believe that this is where people go when they are bad.

Punishment gone wrong! They were trying to teach their daughter a lesson but ended up frightening her and caught the attention of a captain at the police station. Have you heard of a mother shaving her daughters hair as punishment for making fun of a bald cancer patient? Now, to go to school, and get made fun of for having to shave their head because they are fighting for their own lives, yes this girl does need to get punished and learn her lesson.

I, personally think that she should get a taste of her own medicine, go to school and see how it feels like to be made fun of for having a bald head. Others believe that the mother took it too far and she should have punished her a different way. At least we all know, she will probably never do that again, right? What do you do when you have who is constantly being disrespectful, and spankings do not work anymore? Well, apparently, for this daddy, he converted his home into a jail, making his 3-year old daughter an inmate as a form of punishment.

Juliano Parker posted pictures, dressing his daughter in a orange T-shirt, imitating what people wear in jail and she was sentenced for behaving badly. These pictures did not go well with the Facebook police and he was slammed by social media, calling this child abuse. Do you think its considered child abuse or is this teaching her a lesson? Juliano stated, "My daughter Aubrey'Ella has been fighting with my wife and I, disrespecting us in public, not listening and talking back a lot.

Spankings don't work no more. My daughter is used to spanking and nowadays you can't spank kids how they did back in the day [because] they call that abuse. There has been very insane punishments that parents pull, but this might have to be categorized on top of the list. Is this even legal?

Nope, this is why she is facing charges of child abuse. The worst part of it is, both of these children have special needs. This mother has nine adopted children. Her year old daughter explained that her mom put the dog collar on her arm when she is acting up or hits one of her siblings, as well as her year old brother, also a disabled person. They have all been punished with the dog collar. This woman could face up Worst punishment stories five years in prison.

Better yet, why don't we put a dog collar on her to see how she likes it. An Alaskan Worst punishment stories forces her son to drink hot sauce as a punishment, and had her year old daughter catch it on camera. Jessica Beagley, mother of six, two of which are adopted, had difficulty disciplining her adopted child, so figured that forcing him to drink hot sauce was the last solution. She admitted to ly spanking her child and forcing him to do jumping jacks until he got exhausted.

Did she take it too far? She certainly did. As a result, Jessica Beagley was found guilty for child abuse and is now facing one year in prison. No mother should ever have to force their child to drink hot sauce, and on top of that, take cold showers. In the video, you can hear the mother telling her son not to spit out the hot sauce. Seriously lady? Okay, so I know that some parents can be crazy, to the extreme, but not this crazy. How does a parent lock their little 6-year old boy out in the balcony, freezing cold weather just for eating Christmas Worst punishment stories

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Well, this night did not go so well for this little boy. This little boy suffered from hypothermia and was rushed to the hospital. We all hope he really enjoyed those leftovers for it to go on a whole other level. Getting into a sword-fight with your parent sounds fun, right? The first thing I think about is medieval times and a reason to play rough with your parents. For this renaissance fanatic, Fremon Seay, he used this as a way to punish his year old Worst punishment stories.

Fremon was furious when he had to go to the police station and pick up his daughter for going to a party. You can definitely say he went medieval on her. After returning home, he whipped her until she was black and blue. And it gets worse. Fremon handed his daughter some medieval armor and a wooden sword and forced her to sword-fight him for two hours. Yep, without taking a break.

Did they go too far? Yes they did, considering this physical abuse, both parents got arrested and charges were pressed. Social media has become extremely popular over the years. Nowadays, even parents are recording videos, punishing their children in a very public way. The worst thing that can ever happen is punishing your child for doing something wrong, and in return your life can change in a heartbeat.

For a Washington dad, his life has changed forever after punishing his year old daughter, Izabel Laxamana and making it public.

Worst punishment stories

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