Wwe lesbian stories

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While the story angle is yet to be played out fully, this gives us the opportunity to look at the various times the company tried to play out the male fantasy on their programming. While there are many instances of WWE shocking the audience with such moments, they have almost every time missed the mark.

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Here are eight instances were WWE tried to titillate the crowd with a lesbian storyline. The basic premise was to get two actresses — clearly not lesbians — and have them make out for three minutes — before Bischoff had 3 Minute Warning attack them and brutalize them. And that did not go down well with the fans.

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InStacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson were the staple divas of the division and despite the lack of in-ring skills the duo were used extensively, often teaming up together. However, things took a weirder turn when the team of Billy and Chuck — then a homoerotic tag team — challenged Keibler and Wilson to a pose-off.

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Mickie James was involved in one of the best lesbian angles ever done by any wrestling promotion, but her surprise kiss to Melina after pinning her in the Survivor Series women tag match in made no sense at all. James had been used in the LGBT storylines in a quite effective manner earlier, but this moment of madness just felt out of place.

The two finalists were Layla and Jen England.

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Any guesses how the winner was determined? Well, you would have guessed — with a make-out session. A proper storyline this one, with Sable returning to confront Wilson. Wilson in appeared on the Playboy Magazine and feud fuelled by jealousy was on the offing. But WWE creative put the duo in a lesbian storyline, again proving quite a success but devoid of any logic whatsoever.

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AJ Lee was the top female superstar in the company from to and while she had many love affairs with male superstars, her interest in the anti-diva Paige or vice-versa looked out of place. Not much that happened between the two expect for a long hug after a match that had both looking awkward. James started out as a fan of the ultimate Diva Trish Stratus, later becoming her bitter enemy. While there were a few kissing and intimate scenes, but the emotion the duo managed to portray throughout the storyline made for compelling TV and it was jaw-droppingly good.

Wwe lesbian stories

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8 Times WWE Shocked the Audience With Lesbian Storylines – How Often Did They Get it Right?