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Hi, I'm Ro! Prompts: closed! I try to keep my blog SFW, but I am an adult, so if that bothers you, move right along; I won't be offended. DMs open for chat; be nice, I'm weird and awkward myself, but I'm not down for creepy. Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor.

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Starting off with a prompt from littlesuewho asked for some MirioXReader sweetness. First time writing an XReader fic for me, so please be gentle XD. It was a quiet afternoon in Heights Alliance, and you had taken up residence in the empty common room couch to play video games on your laptop in order to destress from class and hero training.

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Your focus on rapidly tap-dancing over the WASD and arrow keys, your reply was quick. He, too, was exhausted as ever from the school day, but his smile was persistent even as he half-closed his eyes in watching you play. Though your cheeks grew warm at the compliment, you kept your eyes trained on the laptop balanced on your thighs.

Comes from incessant practice. He could only imagine what training one would need to actually and accurately sling a gun. You shrugged again.

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Mirio sat up from your side, his arm still around your waist and his grin wide. Onscreen, your cowboy avatar took a bullet and exploded into pixels. There went your achievement run. Looks like you need to work on your focus.

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Under your hands, your face was on fire. That could have meant endless restarts, Mirio being silly and persistent enough to tickle you until you could finish a level. And that thought really made your ears burn. Mirio had found out you were ticklish pretty easily once the two of you had started dating; what he had yet to discover was that you enjoyed him tickling you. It never went on for very long, though; Mirio would occasionally wiggle his fingers under your arms if you were reaching for something above your head or squeeze your sides if you beat him at video games, but those were always brief instances that never failed to leave you wanting more.

Him threatening to tickle you until you could complete a nearly impossible task? He had no idea how fun that sounded. Your heart dropped when Mirio stopped tickling you suddenly, smiling apologetically. Slowly lowering your hands from you face, you shook your head. Mirio laughed softly, leaning down to X ticklish reader the tip of your flushing nose. Probably should give you your game back first, hm? It was your own fault, not watching him, because you completely missed the way his eyes suddenly sparkled with mischief before he lightly dug his fingers into your stomach.

At the touch, you squeaked and sought to cover your face once more.

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It was instinctive; of course, Mirio could tell you were laughing already. He definitely could, because he grabbed one of your wrists and pinned it to your side, making it all the easier to see your brilliant smile and hear your building giggles.

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What do you think? Mirio only chuckled, ing your giggling fit. Subscribe RSS. Potential warnings: none. My Hero Academia tickle fic.

X ticklish reader

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