Young couples sex stories

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This is my first story am posting and hope you like it.

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This is a bit detailed and I think this should be said with this much clarity, so have patience. And this is not a story for hardcore sex lovers. Arjun is an average built guy who is the only son of his parents and basically from a more than well to do background.

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He met Anu who was doing a civil engineering course in his college. Both were in the same class and first met during one of their lab schedules. They became friends and became more close and finally, Arjun proposed her and she accepted. Anu was a cute girl, not thin, not fat but perfect.

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They were both virgins and had this fire inside them. But, like everyone, they had this first-time fear. And on a fateful day, they decided to go on a road trip to nearby hill station about km which was not near but the nearest. There were 8 of them — 4 girls and 4 boys. All were couples.

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To talk about the people with them, two of those couples were extra horny-type and the others were in some disagreement with each other. So they started from their place by noon. On open ro, Arjun would place his hands on hers and sometimes take her hands in his and kiss.

Finally, they reached their destination by evening. It was a huge farmhouse and well built and maintained. They bought food and drinks and set up a campfire. All had food and opened the bottles. All except Anu and one girl were drank.

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They both settled for a glass of wine. The first two college couple drank too much and their horniness elevated to a higher level. So they 4 left followed by the other couple. Anu and Arjun sat beside the fire. Anu was sitting on a price on log and Arjun just below her on the ground. They were talking and when Arjun turned his face towards Anu, she kissed him. He was surprised and excited to see her smiling face after the small peck she gave on his lips.

He got up and sat on the log with legs on either side so did she. Both of them were so excited. Even though they have kissed a lot before, all those were with the fear of someone catching them mostly on college stairs and parking lot. This was different — just them on a misty night upon on a beautiful hill station near a warm fire and silence on the night.

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The college couple moved close to each other and Arjun took her face in his hands. He was seeing the most beautiful girl he had ever met, smiling and looking at him waiting for him to kiss her. He placed two small pecks on her lips before starting to smooch her softly as if her buttery lips were made of bubbles and not to hurt it.

They went on to kiss and as seconds passed by, the intensity increased. After that, they broke their kiss. Arjun stood up pulled her up and went inside to their room so that they can feel each other in their closed space. Their room was big and cozy. It had a big king-sized bed a comfy couch and correct lighting for the mood.

As soon as they entered the room, he bolted the door and they hugged each other tightly and again started kissing. He moved from her lips to the neck and from there to her breast-line. He reached his hands below and started to pull her top up. She helped him by raising her arms. She then started to unbutton his shirt. She hugged him so that she could feel his bare chest. Arjun removed her bra and freed her breast.

Anu lied down on the bed and he got on top of her and started to kiss her. He moved down until he could feel her soft bubbly boobs on his cheeks. Then Young couples sex stories shifted and kissed her right nipple which eventually turned to sucking and feeding on her breast. Anu could now feel like there was a volcano between her thighs which was building up each second.

Anu caught him behind his head and was pulling him more towards her. Arjun was more than happy to hear this.

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He moved, kissing her stomach and navel. He reached down and unbuttoned her jeans and helped her remove it and made himself completely naked. Anu was lying there with just her red-colored pantie. He leaned and kissed over her pantie and she jerked. She could feel her heartbeats rising fast. But he was an artist in this field. He knew how to make his virgin girlfriend happy. He took his cock and placed it over her pantie and started rubbing.

She started breathing heavily, grabbing onto the bedsheets. He slightly moved her panty to expose her pussy. It was trimmed and beautiful. He knew it was the moment when both of them are going to experience the real pleasure of sex for the first time ever. He placed his dick at the entrance and looked at her face. He pushed slowly inside, enjoying and feeling each and every millimeter of the soft skin inside. Anu arched her back as her bf entered more into her. Arjun entered Young couples sex stories and kept his cock there and leaned and hugged her and kissed her forehead.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him as a drop of tear rolled down her cheeks. He got up and started to take out his cock and halfway he could see blood on his shaft from the defloration of his beautiful girl. He started to make to and fro movement slowly and fuck her in missionary style. He could see her face with closed eyes and her boobs moving in rhythm. He took hold of her legs and started to increase the speed. She started moaning in pleasure.

He fucked her for almost 10 minutes and both of them came on after the other with him finishing the climax and falling on her and kissing her lips. He stood up and he could see the most beautiful woman he met smiling at him with the feeling of satisfaction. The night was still young for the young couple who went on to make love to each other again and again. And this effectively ends the story. Hope you guys liked it and please tell your comments on my [ protected] or Instag mattancherym. What did you think of this story??

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Young couples sex stories

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