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The long age regression a suppository discipline story The suppository story Jennifer Macaire. Re: Punishment enemas and suppositories for preteens My Sister's enemas My Sister's enemas. Her Punishment by Vanessa - Trashcan Stories.

Ireland's Daughter The Stick and the Carrot: Enemas. The Enema from The Hardship vaishnavara. My earliest recollection of what my mother did to me was when I was six years old. I'll share both that story and six years later when, at 12, it was the final time. I was very small for my age and my mother was quite concerned about this.

Suppository, spanking, rectal thermometer, panty pooping, diaper mess, punishment, age regression, humiliation. Complete reading time 24 minutes. My daddy has divorced and remarried a year later with a woman named Susan who had two daughters around the same age as me: Erica and Lydia. The suppository story Jennifer Macaire The suppository story. I went to Europe in Aprilthat was the good news. One of my vertebra was displaced, making some movements agony.

My broken teeth were sore and kept me from enjoying eating. No mess, no fuss, just a thorough poo. Author: www.

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Billy's Enema Billy's Enema - Virtual Lounge Excellent story, reminded me of my embarrassment getting an enema from my mother and grandmother when I was fourteen. I identify with Billy. Mom had a difficult time giving me enemas and sometimes needed dad or grandma to help. Grandma lived next door and was quite free with enema advice. Dad usually held me while mom worked The Soapy Finger Treatment -- A nice red bottom - Voy After I finished, I put my robe back on and mom and dad took me to my dad's little office that he had off our den where I was lectured again and given 9 very hard strokes of the belt on my bare bottom while I bent over his desk.

The one I got at 14 was similar but it was probably two quarts and that time I got 14 with the strap. My Sister's enemas My Sister's enemas My sister, who was several years older than I, was a frequent viewer in those days. When I was young, I remember taking my usual soap suds enema from the bulb, and that day it was a particularly large one.

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I was very plugged up, so I needed it, and Mom kept coaxing me to take another bulb every time I told her I was full. Her Punishment by Vanessa - Trashcan Stories Both my fetish girly clothes and my blushing turned her on so much, and I found hope that maybe this punishment would end nicely, and soon. I needed that hope, because already I wanted to fill my diaper with my bananas so badly: I didn't know how much longer I could hold out. At least she was a lovely distraction, I had to admit.

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In the 's, I got my RN pin by attending a three year nursing school next to and associated with a big New York City hospital. All the lady - there were no males at that time nursing students lived in a dorm with two students to each room but we all eat together at the same time in the nursing school's cafeteria.

I always give them enemas on the first day of their periods and another about mid way in their cycle. We are one of the few services online who values our users' privacy, and have never sold your information. We have even fought hard to defend your privacy in legal cases; however, we've done it with almost no financial support -- paying out of pocket to continue providing the service. The whole not worrying about holding it in thing with a plug I was much more scared of it than doing it on my own. She was a nurse and not only had a In May, my mother decided to give me and Sally an enema every Saturday morning.

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She said enemas were good for us and that grown ups gave themselves enemas all the time. Sally asked her to explain how an enema worked three times. I understood right away, but I was not as nervous about the idea of Jim Goes to Boot Camp. This story is a work of fiction.

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