Zombie x reader lemon

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Synopsis : Reader is a groupie on the twins of evil tour. One night at a bar, the God of Fuck instigates. Notes : Seeing them tonight!!!! Originally posted by dogmaticdeux. You get a few nights off during the week between shows, and right now, the tour had set the anchor down in Montana. It had been an impulsive decision to the two on their Twins of Evil tour for the summer, but it had paid off.

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They had invited you along after meeting you one night, and ever since, you had been spending the dog days of summer as the plaything of two sexy shock rockers. Marilyn is nursing absinthe, no chaser, but he can handle his shit.

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You can hear his voice, clear, level, and drawling despite the laze of the liquor dripping through:. You wait obediently, hands in your lap. He brushes off his black pants.

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You look over to the denim-clad legs of Rob, who had probably been off in his head somewhere. You laugh, as he now looks dumbfounded. He snaps his fingers under the table, and you crawl to his side obediently. Rob is still reeling as Marilyn takes your chin between his fingers. He strokes your cheek. You lick them, and Marilyn appreciates this, biting Zombie x reader lemon own lip. You want my cock bad, huh?

He strokes your hair. He goes to pop the button for you. You nod eagerly, and Rob takes his hands Zombie x reader lemon his jeans, opting instead to stroke them through your hair in encouragement. You take his hand, and thread your fingers through his as you use your other one to hold him and take him in your mouth. Rob lets out a low moan as his tip hits the back of your throat, and the sound goes straight to your pussy. You squirm a little bit as you arch your back, and start really working on him. Rob starts to white knuckle the table, and tips his head forward, grinding his jaw.

You that much of a slut tonight, you wanna choke on my dick? His hips rock forward faster, and you almost choke on him. You relax your throat so he has more room, and put your hands on his thighs. You move your fingers up and in a little, and dig your nails into his inner thighs. He tugs your hair hard, and you moan. You wait, sucking him through it, listening to his hot, heavy breathing.

You giggle, and crawl on your hands and knees over to your other daddy, just the way he likes you. He smiles. Practically drooling. Rob shakes his head fondly, taking another sip of a new beer. Little fucking slut, man. Rob swears under his breath, watching you. Suddenly, you hear another voice.

Our lovely lady is powdering her nose. It does not mean cocaine in this case. He stops laughing for a second to point to his co-headliner. Some people probably saw— tabloids too, but fuck it. You had fun. Marilyn puts his hand over yours on the table, tracing a pattern into your palm. Rob takes the other hand, squeezing it. Originally posted by icemftmm. Originally posted by theartfullyartfuldodger. He slings his arm around you all the time, smacks your ass, and feels up your skirt all the time.

Make me a promise, Hoss. That right there? Originally posted by yunafire.

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Originally posted by everlastingxdarkness. Originally posted by justhauntr. Originally posted by classichorrorblog. You summon the cenobites for a different kind of pleasure, and you get what you ask for from their curious leader. Very graphic body horror, death and oral sex. Please visit the ao3 link for full tags and warnings. Originally posted by diablitotx. The blow to your neck causes your nervous system to reach a climax of sensation.

Many argue that the impact of the first strike will knock you unconscious, only for the narrowed, desperate passageways of severed veins to force their last few pumps of blood out from the fatal site of separation, like fresh seed from a well-pleasured cunt. This remarkable finale of gore can be avoided however, with a clean cut. Pain can tantalize, but to those uninitiated there is ecstasy to be found in swift endings. A quick and painless death if done right; confusion of the last ticking seconds of the mind allows you to mourn yourself before the dark swallows all that you were.

Is there anyone out there in the dark? Keep reading. Rob sputters.

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Everyone knows who we are here! She gonna be good, and do like daddy asked? Get to it. She knows her place. You wipe your mouth, smirking up at him, and he bites his lip. Make it up to you? He motions over.

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Are you high? You turn into a curmudgeon. Reader Requested by anon! Just fuck her! We fucked once when we both got blackout drunk in Pittsburgh… from what I remember, I think she was good. Actually, I think she just gave me head… no, wait. That was a wet dream. Fucking point is— just do it.

And I want more than a little head.

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God, do you look good in your tight jeans. And hell, does he look good in that ripped shirt tonight. John 5 and Manson, having worked together ly, devise a plan. Marilyn is shaking his head, because of course Rob fucking asked that. He asks for a dare, as you suspected he would. You dare him to do what he wants to do most right now. He immediately regrets his decision when Marilyn opens Zombie x reader lemon mouth. What was the alcohol content on that whiskey?

Your turn. You smirk, looking down at his grimace. Fucking do it. No false promises. He gives them the finger. Marilyn gets the hint, and gets up, wobbling. You grin from the wings. Marilyn clasps his hands in prayer. Anonymous asked: How would otis react to a SO with lots of tattoos? You have to remind him not to. She has this adorable thing she does where she sits behind you with her legs spread and wraps them around each side of you, then yanks you up to lay in her lap.

She will dance with you for hours until you forget anything upsetting you. Rob Zombie Band Looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: Ginger Fish Looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: John 5 Looks like a cinnamon roll, is a cinnamon roll: Piggy D Looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you: Rob Sinnamon roll: Marilyn Manson.

Otis male reader comfort, requested by anon. Originally posted by classichorrorblog Otis knew from the minute he saw you that he wanted to keep you It had been at a bar one night, and usually Baby did the luring, but shit… you were really attractive, and Otis had never felt this way about a man before???

She whistles. She gets up, swings her hips, and approaches you. Baby grins.

Zombie x reader lemon

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